Since I relocated to London, I haven’t done much traveling. The city can be very time-consuming and there’s so much to do. Every once in a while though, I need to get out and see something new. Keeping my goal to see all countries in the world in mind, I decided to go on a 24-hour trip to Cardiff, because I’ve never been to Wales before. 

If you need to be convinced that Wales is worth a visit, here are 10 amazing reasons!


Here is my personal 1 Day Itinerary for Cardiff:


1. Stroll and dine at Mermaid Quay

You should visit Mermaid Quay by day as well as by night, as it completely transforms from a family meeting point with a big kids playground/theme park and many small shops/boutiques to a romantic promenade at night, with live performances, lots of restaurants and the giant wheel all lit up.

24 Hour Itinerary for Cardiff, Wales

Because I’m really into photography, I spent my entire evening taking long exposure photos of the bay, but most people would probably rather enjoy a nice dinner or a walk.

24 Hour Itinerary for Cardiff, Wales

24 Hour Itinerary for Cardiff, Wales

24 Hour Itinerary for Cardiff, Wales

24 Hour Itinerary for Cardiff, Wales

Check out my Facebook Live video from Mermaid Quai!

24 Hour Itinerary for Cardiff, Wales
While you’re there, take a peak into the new “Wales Millennium Centre”.


2. Take a scenic boat ride

You can take a boat to Mermaid Quay (and back) from a little pier at Bute Park (next to Cardiff Castle) for £2 – £4 one way, depending which company you choose. It’s a 25min scenic boat ride and a no-brainer for this low price.

24 Hour Itinerary for Cardiff, Wales

There are also boats that take you around the bay or you can book a private one for a bachelor party e.g. The prices are really reasonable and it’s definitely something you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Cardiff!


3. Explore the beautiful Cardiff Castle

24 Hour Itinerary for Cardiff, Wales

Entrance fee: £12.50 (Students £10.95, Kids 5-16 £9)

Opening times: 9am – 5pm (Nov-Feb)/6pm (Mar-Oct), 7 days a week

Tip: If you download the Cardiff Castle App, they will give you a 10% discount!

Your Castle Ticket includes:

  • Free audio guide
  • Stunningly decorated rooms in the House
  • Medieval Keep
  • Second World War Shelters
  • Roman Wall
  • Firing Line: Cardiff Castle Museum of the Welsh Soldier
  • Interpretation Centre with film show and exhibition

For an extra £3.25 you will get a house tour, which allows you to access rooms you can’t usually access and of course gives additional information.

It is not allowed to take a tripod inside the castle (in order to protect the floors), but you can leave it with the staff while you’re inside.

I’m not going to talk much about the history and background, because obviously you will hear about it on your tour when you get there. I will let the pictures speak for themselves:

24 Hour Itinerary for Cardiff, Wales
The Norman Keep is a twelve-sided Keep with a stunning view over the area.

24 Hour Itinerary for Cardiff, Wales

24 Hour Itinerary for Cardiff, Wales
The Dining Room
24 Hour Itinerary for Cardiff, Wales
The Arab Room

If you want to see more, feel free to stroll through my gallery:

4. Stroll around High Street Arcade

Cardiff is a historical city, and therefore has a unique shopping experience to offer. Forget the huge, shiny malls – in Cardiff you can shop in one of six Victorian arcades! Right on the well-trodden path of Cardiff High Street, you will find an Instagram-worthy shopping experience with beautifully tiled floors, walls and ceilings.

24 Hour Itinerary for Cardiff, Wales

High Street Arcade is part of “The Castle Quarter”, which is also made up of Duke Street Arcade and Castle Arcade. These historic places are full of vintage clothes stores, craft shops and coffee shops. High Street Arcade is also home of the famous New York Deli and Bombai Street Food, which you absolutely have to try!

24 Hour Itinerary for Cardiff, Wales24 Hour Itinerary for Cardiff, Wales







5. Have a Hoagie at the famous New York Deli

The New York Deli is probably the most popular food place in Cardiff. Enjoy an authentic bagel or hoagie and never eat again! Just kidding, but it really is a huge portion. I had the California Hoagie and was definitely filled for the rest of the day. And that really means something, I’m a very experienced eater 😉 Do ask for some extra napkins. You’ll need them!

24 Hour Itinerary for Cardiff, Wales
California Hoagie @New York Deli

6. Snack on tasty Indian Street Food at Bwyta Bwyd Bombai (3B’s)

This is food heaven for everyone who loves Indian cuisine! The best thing is, you won’t find the typical Indian dishes here. I literally hadn’t heard of 70% of the menu, and I’m seriously into Indian food, as it’s paradise for vegetarians like me. Try the Pav Bhaji or Dahi Puri e.g. To be completely honest, the Daal wasn’t my favorite, but the other things I tried were fantastic!

24 Hour Itinerary for Cardiff, Wales 24 Hour Itinerary for Cardiff, Wales


Some more things you can do if you have more time in Cardiff:

  • Techniquest
  • Doctor Who Experience (Update: Unfortunately, it was shut down)
  • Castell Coch
  • Llandaff Cathedral


Getting To Cardiff

From London Victoria Station, you can take a bus (like Megabus) for anything between £3 and £15 and arrive in Cardiff around 4 hours later, depending on time of the day. Personally, I’m not a big fan of Megabus, but my favorite company Flixbus is operating mostly in central Europe and not so much in the UK.

Staying in Cardiff

A 10min walk from the bus station, I arrived at the cutest hostel I’ve ever stayed at: Mrs. Potts. I paid £17 per night, which was totally worth it. There are hostels for £10 a night, if you want it cheaper, but this place was just soooo sweet, I had to book it. Look at it:


You can find the hostel on By using this link, you will get it almost for free, because you will get 15€ FREE Travel Credit – so there’s only like 4€ left for you to pay. I will get a tiny commission and you will pay 15€ less – that way I can keep creating content for this blog without starving and you can travel more;) Bookmark this link if you’re not ready to book just yet. It’s a good excuse to take a trip 🙂

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One Day (24 Hour) Itinerary For Cardiff, Wales

One Day (24 Hour) Itinerary For Cardiff, Wales