One of the most popular and breathtaking activities when visiting the Bahamas is exploring the underwater world – which is why I want to show you the best snorkeling spots in the Bahamas.

If you’re not a certified scuba diver (yet?), just get a snorkeling set and explore the rich marine life from the surface. 

Check out these prime locations that offer world-class snorkeling opportunities (in no particular order).


Best Snorkeling in Bahamas – Top 7 Snorkeling Spots



Nassau Island - Best Snorkeling in Bahamas Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas and offers a big variety of wonderful water & underwater activities.

The island has some of the clearest and most serene waters in the world which allows you to discover the spectacular underwater world. 

The Goulding Cay Reefs e.g., located just off New Providence island, are teaming with tons of tropical colored fish and picturesque elkhorn coral.

Rose Island Reefs is another location that provides an exhilarating experience, especially perfect for those not accustomed to diving too deep.

You’ll find the Alcora here, a freighter sunk by the government in 1983.



Bimini Island - Best Snorkeling in Bahamas

Bimini is the westernmost district of the Bahamian archipelago, a chain of islands only about 50 miles (80km) from Miami.

The close proximity to the US mainland makes it one of the easiest getaways and popular destinations for weekend cruises – which was exactly how I got there.

The famous snorkeling site “Bimini Road” offers one of the most lively underwater experiences.

You can enjoy your ocean experience with dolphins, sea turtles, and marlin.

Even Atlantic Spotted Dolphins can sometimes be seen along the southern Bimini chain of islands near Orange Cay.



Eleuthera Island - Best Snorkeling in Bahamas

Eleuthera is an island about 80 kilometers from Nassau. Eleuthera’s pink sandy beaches connect to numerous snorkeling hotspots in the Bahamas including these three well-known sites:

  • Devil’s Backbone: Offers stunning underwater shipwreck experiences.
  • Current Cut: Find yourself on an underwater “roller coaster” ride.
  • Pineapple Dock: Another snorkeling site that offers a shipwreck to explore.


Grand Bahama Island

 Grand Bahama Island - Best Snorkeling in Bahamas

Grand Bahama is the northernmost island of the Bahamas, and about as close as Bimini – 52 miles (84km) from Palm Beach, Florida.

It astounds with clear waters and reef-line coves, mangrove swamps and relaxing all-inclusive resorts, making it another great weekend-getaway destination from Florida.

There are plenty of snorkeling trips from Freeport, the biggest city, which will bring you to beautiful spots where you can see amazing coral reefs and colorful fish.

Say Hello to dolphins, rays, starfish, turtles. The best snorkeling sites in Grand Bahama Island include:

  • Paradise Cove: Snorkelers can access this cove directly from the beach.
  • Peterson Cay: This spot is a favorite because of the particularly shallow depths of the cay.
  • Ben’s Cave: Another popular destination impressing with countless tropical fish


Long Island

Long Island - Best Snorkeling in Bahamas

Long Island is a famous destination in the Bahamas among both, divers and snorkelers.

Visit in the afternoon, if you snorkel primarily to see big marine life. The soft sand and crystal clear waters guarantee a wonderful underwater adventure experience.

Shallow bays and sandy beaches offer many possibilities for snorkeling.

  • Shark Reef: A chance for snorkelers to encounter wild sharks.
  • Conception Island: Snorkelers who visit Conception Island can explore a 40-foot reef.



Abacos Island - Best Snorkeling in Bahamas

Abacos is a group of islands and cays located in the most northeastern part of the Bahamas, a little harder to get to than the more popular islands on this list.

To make up for that, snorkeling in Abacos island will allow for endless breathtaking exploration without many people around you, you will have most of the underwater world for yourself.

The top snorkeling spots in Abacos include:

  • Walker’s Cay: Snorkelers can view up to 200 sharks at a time.
  • Elbow Cay: Smart choice if you wish to take underwater photographs.
  • Sea Park: Snorkel with sea turtles and eagle rays and explore unusual underwater landscapes.
  • Mermaid Beach: Astounds because of the colors of the reef itself.



Andros Island - Best Snorkeling in Bahamas

Andros is the largest island group in the Bahamas – it consists of hundreds of small islets and cays that are connected by mangrove estuaries and tidal swamplands.

Andros offers a variety of exciting tropical fish, healthy coral formations, and abundant marine life.

Take a trip to explore the blue holes of South Andros – the highest concentration of blue holes in the world. Andros has 178 on land and about 50 in the sea.

Basically, they are entrances to the intricate cave systems that run underneath the island and sea floor. A once-in-a-lifetime experience, for sure!


Best Time for Snorkeling in the Bahamas

Thanks to amazing weather conditions all year round, snorkeling trips in the Bahamas are available any time.

The peak season is from May to October, which means you’ll have to share the waters with more people and pay higher prices, but the sea condition and temperature will be a little better.

If you prefer traveling for less and with less people, you can go between November and April as well.

If you’re an avid snorkeler, you may want to check out Mexico’s best snorkeling spots for even more world-class snorkeling.

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