5 Best San Francisco Night Photography Spots
Back in 2015, I was living in Santa Cruz, CA for a couple months. Thanks to its proximity to San Francisco, I often made my way up to the city to meet a friend of mine who is a passionate photographer. He grew up in the area and knows the best San Francisco night photography spots which I'd like to...
Panorama of Cairo cityscape taken during the sunset from the famous Cairo tower, Cairo, Egypt

Top 5 Places To Visit In Cairo, Egypt

When you're traveling around Egypt, this city is probably the first stop on your trip and it's hard to figure out the best places to visit in Cairo.
Things To Do In Zurich - Limmat River

40 Fantastic Things To Do in Zurich

I have deleted this page and combined added all activities to my list of 17 Free Things To Do In Zurich + 40 More Activities
Best Cenotes in Tulum, Mexico

11 Best Cenotes in Tulum, Mexico

I have spent around 5 months in Mexico and that time lead to an incredible discovery – the best cenotes in Tulum! As soon as I stepped foot into...
A Solution To Dealing With Loneliness As A Digital Nomad

11 Must-Have Job Skills You Learn From Traveling Solo

Travelers are lazy, not able to commit and thrill-seekers. They spend their days flirting on the beach, having cocktails for lunch and partying excessively every night. Many people think this way, whether it’s bosses, professors...
The Ultimate Guide To Scuba Diving in Dahab, Egypt

Dahab Diving – The Ultimate Scuba Guide (by a local)

Diving in Dahab has become popular because of its well-preserved reefs and abundant marine life. This laid-back, small hippie town has a unique vibe, where Bedouins and expats live...
Climbing Mount Sinai Peak

Climbing Mount Sinai – 8 Things You Need To Know Before

Climbing Mount Sinai Peak (2285-metre / 7,497 ft.) is one of those experiences that are on many people's bucket list - for a reason!  The biblical Mount Sinai is one...
Egyptian Men & Sexual Harassment

An Open Letter to the Men of Egypt. From The Bottom Of My Heart.

This is my letter to the Egyptian men, written with compassion and love. A female expat's view on and experience with sexual harassment in Egypt. If you...

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