56 Free Things To Do In Amsterdam
This unique little city is probably my favorite in Europe because it's just soooo cute and there's plenty of free things to do in Amsterdam. It's full of tasteful art exhibitions, street galleries, shops, bars, restaurants and beautiful homes nestled along canals and bridges. Though the capital of the Netherlands is not as expensive as London or Paris, it’s...

20+ Photos That Show How Surprisingly Beautiful Germany Is

Germany isn't exactly known as a dream destination travelers put on their bucket list. Most people who have been to Germany though were surprised how beautiful the country actually is. Fairytale Castles nestled in vineyards,...
Why I Stopped Aspiring To Be A "Professional" Travel Instagrammer

Why I Stopped Aspiring To Be A “Professional” Travel Instagrammer

We all know those absolutely perfect Instagram feeds showing pretty, skinny girls in a new outfit and a new stunning location every day. It seems like this is what it takes to become successful...

How To Get A 6-Month or 1-Year Visa For Egypt (In Sinai)

In this article I explain exactly how you can obtain a 6-month visa for Egypt when you're staying in South Sinai (Sharm El-Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba or Taba).I'll cover...
Liveaboard Diving in the Red Sea

Liveaboard Diving – Ultimate Guide For First-Timers

Are you thinking about going on your first liveaboard diving trip or have you booked one already? Congratulations!To make sure you have a fantastic experience, I’ve put...

Kambo Ceremony – Why I burned holes into my skin and applied frog poison

The Kambo cleanse or Kambo ritual is known as a way to cleanse and purify your immune system. It is supposed to have curing benefits which I will explain later on in this post....
35+ Best Gifts For Scuba Divers

35+ Creative Gifts for Scuba Divers

Do you find it challenging to find gifts for your scuba diving friends?Not sure what gifts are practical, yet creative and unique for scuba divers? 
The Ultimate Guide To Scuba Diving in Dahab, Egypt

Dahab Diving – The Ultimate Scuba Guide (by a local)

Diving in Dahab has become popular because of its well-preserved reefs and abundant marine life.This laid-back, small hippie town has a unique vibe, where Bedouins and expats...

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