Photo Gallery: Best Of Street Art in Dahab, Egypt
Dahab is a beautiful little town on the Red Sea in Egypt with a chill, hippie vibe. Street art is not exactly something Egypt is famous for, but in the last few months, there has been more and more street art popping up and I'd like to show you some of the beautiful pieces in this little photo gallery. What strikes...
Morocco Travel Tips

7 Essential Morocco Travel Tips You Have To Know Before Going

Why am I calling them Essential Morocco Travel Tips? Because Morocco is not an easy country to travel independently and it can quickly turn into a very stressful trip if you don't know some...

The Romance Scam In Petra – My Experience As A Solo Female Traveler In...

Petra, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, was at the same time one of the most impressive and scariest places I have been to. The old Nabatean city carved into rocks...
Coworking Africa

A Comprehensive List of Coworking Spaces in Africa – Algeria to Zimbabwe

Are you a Digital Nomad and thinking about traveling to Africa but worried you won't meet like-minded people to network with because they all hang out in Southeast Asia? Or do you just need...
A Solution To Dealing With Loneliness As A Digital Nomad

11 Must-Have Job Skills You Learn From Traveling Solo

Travelers are lazy, not able to commit and thrill-seekers. They spend their days flirting on the beach, having cocktails for lunch and partying excessively every night.Many people think this way, whether it’s bosses, professors...

15+ Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With London By Night

London is a fabulous city 24-hours a day, yet when the sun goes down, it becomes even more stunning! Whether you go for a romantic walk along the River Thames, have some drinks with friends...
Hiking in Iceland

The Complete Guide to Hiking in Iceland

Hiking in Iceland is an experience unlike any other. The island's unspoiled, rugged landscape is so diverse that you'll never run out of breathtaking natural spectacles to see.
Best Dive Watch Under 1000

The Best Dive Watches Under $1000

Are you a diving enthusiast looking for the best dive watch under $1000? Well, you’d be surprised to know that according to the explorer Don Walsh,“More people...

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