Germany isn't exactly known as a dream destination travelers put on their bucket list. Most people who have been to Germany though were surprised how beautiful the country actually is. Fairytale Castles nestled in vineyards, historical churches, dreamy forests and the hipster capital Berlin make sure you won't regret your trip to "Deutschland". Without saying much more, I present to you...
Things To Do In Zurich - Limmat River

40 Fantastic Things To Do in Zurich

I have deleted this page and combined added all activities to my list of 17 Free Things To Do In Zurich + 40 More Activities
Destinations in Australia for Adrenaline Junkies - Skydiving in Cairns

Destinations In Australia For Adrenaline Junkies

If you're always looking for the next adventure, these holiday destinations in Australia have to go on your bucket list! Australia is a country of wild beauty, top-tier cities, heart-thumping adventures and exciting activities...
The Ultimate Guide To Scuba Diving in Dahab, Egypt

Dahab Diving – The Ultimate Scuba Guide (by a local)

Diving in Dahab has become popular because of its well-preserved reefs and abundant marine life. This laid-back, small hippie town has a unique vibe, where Bedouins and expats...
Street Art Milano - Photos, Stories & Locations

Street Art Milano – Photos, Stories & Locations

Are you looking to explore a different side of Milan, away from Piazza del Duomo, malls and churches? Why not discover Milano street art and get to know the...

What To Do In Cardiff In One Day

Whether you're road tripping the UK or taking a weekend trip from London, Wales is a beautiful destination worth the visit. There's plenty of insane scenery in this small...

15+ Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With London By Night

London is a fabulous city 24-hours a day, yet when the sun goes down, it becomes even more stunning! Whether you go for a romantic walk along the River Thames, have some drinks with friends...
10 Reasons To Visit Egypt

Top 10 Reasons To Visit Egypt Once In A Lifetime

This is not just another list of things to do in Egypt, because you already know that the pyramids etc. are reasons to visit Egypt. Instead, I'm trying...

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