Why I Stopped Aspiring To Be A "Professional" Travel Instagrammer
We all know those absolutely perfect Instagram feeds showing pretty, skinny girls in a new outfit and a new stunning location every day. It seems like this is what it takes to become successful on Instagram - the most stylish dresses and matching accessories, no pound too much on your hips, fancy locations, and cute poses. After reaching 15k followers...
Panorama of Cairo cityscape taken during the sunset from the famous Cairo tower, Cairo, Egypt

Top 5 Places To Visit In Cairo, Egypt

When you're traveling around Egypt, this city is probably the first stop on your trip and it's hard to figure out the best places to visit in Cairo.
10 Reasons To Visit Egypt

Top 10 Reasons To Visit Egypt Once In A Lifetime

This is not just another list of things to do in Egypt, because you already know that the pyramids etc. are reasons to visit Egypt. Instead, I'm trying to...
Hiking in Tuscany

Hiking in Tuscany – What To Expect

Hiking in Tuscany presents you with a glorious dilemma: which stunning area will you explore first? Within its 23,000 square kilometers, this diverse Italian vacationland features everything that...
Destinations in Australia for Adrenaline Junkies - Skydiving in Cairns

Destinations In Australia For Adrenaline Junkies

If you're always looking for the next adventure, these holiday destinations in Australia have to go on your bucket list! Australia is a country of wild beauty, top-tier cities, heart-thumping adventures and exciting activities...

12 Best Gaudi Buildings in Barcelona

There are countless famous buildings in Barcelona that are an architectural marvel, especially the Gaudi buildings. This is one of the main reasons why the city attracts swarms of tourists from all around the...
Climbing Mount Sinai Peak

Climbing Mount Sinai – 8 Things You Need To Know Before

Climbing Mount Sinai Peak (2285-metre / 7,497 ft.) is one of those experiences that are on many people's bucket list - for a reason!  The biblical Mount Sinai is one...
Hiking in UK - Isle of Skye

Complete Guide: Best Hiking in UK [England, Scotland & Wales]

When you go hiking in UK, you'll be diving into a world abundant with diverse, breathtaking scenery. Pristine nature combined with cultural highlights make the island a terrific destination...

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