Contrary to popular belief, Egypt is a safe country. Especially Dahab is one of the friendliest and most welcoming places on earth. In fact, it is so amazing that I (a solo female traveler) decided to live here (here are my Top 10 Reasons Everyone Should Visit Egypt).

I feel safer than in any bigger city in Europe, honestly. I created this list of Things To Do in Dahab to convince people to come to this wonderful little beach town on the Red Sea that I call home now and help you have a fantastic time.

It is so diverse, there is no way you will ever feel bored. If you don’t fall in love with the sea, you will fall in love with the desert. Or the people. Or the animals. Or the food. Trust me. You WILL fall in love one way or another 😉

Here’s 100+ reasons you should book your flight to Egypt right now! Forget the travel warnings and YALLA – come to Dahab!

I’ve divided the list into three different parts – Activities, Food & Drinks and Daytrips


Activities in Dahab 

  1. Put on a snorkeling mask and jump in the water at Lighthouse or Eel Garden – the reefs are amazing! No need to take a boat or swim far out.77 Things to Do in Dahab Egypt
  2. Go to the Friday Market and enjoy some homemade international food.
  3. Take a peek into the underwater world and book a Discover scuba diving trip.
  4. Hooked? Then do your PADI Open Water in Dahab. You won’t find it much cheaper or more beautiful anywhere else in the world! Here is my guide to scuba diving in Dahab.77 Things to Do in Dahab Egypt
  5. Experienced diver? Go on a Night Dive with and explore the fluorescent nightlife underwater. If you have some more time, you could also go on a liveaboard dive safari!
  6. Pet the stray animals. Dahab wouldn’t be the same without its cats and dogs. They’re friendly and won’t hurt you. Quite the opposite actually, they love to cuddle!77 Things to Do in Dahab Egypt
  7. Bring a bottle of wine and watch the sunset at the Laguna.
  8. Finally see the world famous Blue Hole for yourself. You can’t miss this world-renowned site.
    77 Things to Do in Dahab Egypt
  9. While you’re there, try Freediving. Dahab is one of the most popular places for Freediving (especially the Blue Hole), thanks to the lack of current and accessibility from the shore.
  10. Tired of the water? Go on a quad tour into the desert.77 Things to Do in Dahab Egypt
  11. If you don’t like to drive and would rather move your lazy ass – go hiking! No matter where you go, it’s always beautiful, but St. Catherine is the prime destination for sure.
  12. Stargazing! You can see thousands of stars from anywhere in Dahab, but if you go into the mountains, away from the city lights, you will really be hypnotized by the beautiful star sky.77 Things to Do in Dahab Egypt
  13. Take a Yoga Class at Coral Coast Hotel, there is a variety of a lot of styles, including aerial yoga, kids yoga, etc.
  14. Go horseback riding into the desert or on the beach! You can even go into the water with some horses.
  15. Ride a camel. You can’t leave Egypt before you’ve done that. It’s not exactly comfortable, but fun! Plus the camels are treated fine here, not like at the pyramids or other tourist attractions.77 Things to Do in Dahab Egypt
  16. Swim out to the sea around sunset to see the mountains glowing all around you.
  17. Sip a fresh juice at Lighthouse and watch the fish and the kite & windsurfers jumping.
  18. Looks like fun? Take some lessons. Dahab is one of the best places in the world to learn kite- and windsurfing.
  19. At night, share tea over a campfire and exchange stories.77 Things to Do in Dahab Egypt
  20. Go rock climbing in the nearby mountains of Dahab. You’ll be provided with all the equipment and assistance you need when you book a tour.
  21. Take a few Arabic lessons so you can talk to the friendly locals in their language.
  22. Haggle over a souvenir at one of the many shops between Lighthouse and Mashraba.77 Things to Do in Dahab Egypt
  23. If you want to see a surreal underwater garden, rent a bike and go to Ras Abu Helal for snorkeling!
  24. Go paddle boarding on a day with little wind. On some days you can even see a paddle boarding dog in Dahab 😉
  25. Watch the sun rising over the Red Sea.
  26. Enjoy the view on Dahab from above. Just climb any of the surrounding mountains.77 Things to Do in Dahab Egypt
  27. Try an Oriental Dance Class or attend salsa night at Jackie’s Mexican restaurant.
  28. Relax at Three Pools for an afternoon and snorkel the three connected underwater pools.
  29. Go to Wadi Gnai (by foot, horse, camel, quad or car) and admire the beauty of an oasis in the middle of the desert.77 Things to Do in Dahab Egypt
  30. If you’re lucky, you get to watch dolphins! They’re not always seen around Dahab, though. In summer, your chances at seeing them are especially high around Tiran Island in Sharm El-Sheikh.
  31. I bet you haven’t tried sand boarding yet. Now’s your chance! Read all about my sandboarding day trip here.89 Things To Do In Dahab, Egypt 1
  32. Interested in alternative healing methods/energy healing? Paola offers all sorts of sessions, from Reiki to Pranic Healing to Morphological Massage. You can even do a full Reiki course with her.
  33. Talk to the locals. Everyone in Dahab is incredibly welcoming and nice. It’s worth getting to know them and their stories. Many of them struggle with problems we never even thought about, yet they are always smiling.77 Things to Do in Dahab Egypt
  34. Go on a short camel safari to Wadi El-Toalat and a small narrow canyon for a panoramic view of Dahab.
  35. Need a time-out? Charge your energy levels by doing a Detox Retreat.
  36. Go to a concert and listen to some traditional Bedouin music.
  37. Give your body a rest from all the sporty activities and enjoy a wellness day at one of the high-class spas at the Laguna (Meridien Hotel and Ecotel are amazing). While overlooking the sea, sweat out some of those toxins, get a body scrub and a relaxing massage. You’ll leave feeling like a new person!
  38. Take a free Salsa class on a Saturday night at Coral Coast Hotel.
  39. Are you the esoteric kind of person or just want to try something new? Get a Tarot Card Reading at El Dorado Pizzeria.
  40. Wave to Saudi Arabia! On most days you can see the Saudi Mountains on the other side of the sea.
  41. Join a Drum Circle in the desert and dance to the melodic beats.
  42. Need to get some work done? Visit the local coworking space and set up your laptop with a view on the sea. It’s completely over-priced in my opinion and I don’t like the vibe, but I’m adding it here because it is an option and you might like it. (Edit: Two new co-working cafes opened since publishing this – Mojo’s at Lighthouse and Alchemist Hub, which is now located at Blue Beach, where the CoworkInn started).
  43. Cuddle some baby goats. They’re incredibly soft and super funny!77 Things to Do in Dahab Egypt
  44. Get a private boat and spend the day on the water.
  45. Relax from a day full of activities with a Shisha by the Sea.
  46. Buy traditional herbs as medicine/tea for whatever health issue you have – Just ask a local Bedouin and they surely know what herb works best for your specific problem. If you have time, visit Dr. Ahmed Saleh in  St. Catherine.77 Things to Do in Dahab Egypt
  47. Enjoy not caring about make-up and chic clothes – put on some harem pants and embrace your dirty feet.
  48. Dive the mysterious Caves south of Dahab and relax at the camp “The Caves” after. Unspoiled nature and home-cooked food at its best!
  49. Get hair braids or get your headphone cables, phone charger cables etc. braided. That way every time you charge your phone you will be reminded of your amazing time in Dahab 🙂Things To Do in Dahab
  50. Dive the Underwater Museum at the Lighthouse in Dahab. The i-Dive Tribe built a museum underwater, consisting of several artworks statues (including a huge elephant) made by Egyptian hands and representing the culture. Scientists expect that most of the coral reefs worldwide will die within the next 70 years, except those inhibiting the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf. This museum serves as a new home for coral reefs. Plus it looks really cool, check out this video:

51. On a calm day (shouldn’t be too windy), rent a kayak and paddle out on the beautiful Red Sea to see Dahab in its full beauty, with the mountains in the background and the water in the front.

52. Test your performing skills – go to CarmInn for a fun karaoke night. And run if you ever see me there, you don’t want to hear that 😀

53. Let someone paint a henna tattoo on your body to get the holiday vibe going. Don’t worry, it will disappear after 1-3 weeks. Be creative!

Things To Do in Dahab

54. Visit the Art Exhibition at the Meridian Hotel that is held every three months. It’s a wonderful place where local artists share their work with everyone.

55. Get some tailor-made clothes from Nadr, a super talented tailor. His shop is located in a small alley opposite Ali Baba Restaurant, and he’ll sew you a stunning custom dress for much less than an H&M dress in Europe, eg..

56. Admire Dahab’s Street Art and take that famous angel wing shot (the exact location is in that article)!89 Things To Do In Dahab, Egypt 2

57. Nothing! Yes, that’s right! One of the best things you can do in Dahab is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! It’s the perfect place to forget about work, home, stress and problems.77 Things to Do in Dahab Egypt

Food & Drinks in Dahab

I have an overview of traditional Egyptian food here, you should try at least some of them!

58. Have Bedouin dinner in the desert (you could combine this with a camel ride or quad tour e.g.).

89 Things To Do In Dahab, Egypt 3

59. Hungover and in need of a proper breakfast? Ralph’s German Bakery has better bread rolls than my bakery at home in Germany. You also need to try the apple cake!

60. Everyday Café will spoil you with delicious cakes while you sit on their swing enjoying the view over Dahab – it also offers live music every night in a cool atmosphere.77 Things to Do in Dahab Egypt

61. A hot summer afternoon without Ice Cream from Ice Bubble? No chance!

62. Need some healthy food? Try the Vegan Lab, Beehive or Marine Garden for tasty vegan and/or raw food, including burgers, pancakes etc.

63. Take a break from your diet and indulge in Sahleb, my favorite Egyptian dessert.

64. Look out for this food cart and take some Koshary to enjoy on the beach.77 Things to Do in Dahab Egypt

65. Have Bedouin Tea every day and with everyone. No chance you’ll get around it.

66. Have dinner at Ali Babas – The award-winning restaurant not only impresses with delicious food but also the best service you’ve had in a long time.77 Things to Do in Dahab Egypt

67. Try some Mexican burritos at Jackie’s. The nachos are to die for!

68. Get a falafel sandwich at Yum Yum Falafel in Mashraba or even better: a big Egyptian breakfast. Egyptian Falafels are the best in the world, and they are not made from chickpeas! You can only get those in Egypt!77 Things to Do in Dahab Egypt

69. King Chicken is always busy – good sign for all chicken lovers!

70. Try the taste of Molokhia, a traditional Egyptian stew or soup made from leaves of Nalta jute. Some people say it’s too slimy, but Egyptians love it!

71. Missing some Italian flavor? Dai Pescatori’s got you covered! Indulge in their famous pizza and pasta and feel like you’re in Rome – but next to the sea 😉

72. You need to try Om Ali – a traditional Egyptian desert equivalent to North America’s bread pudding. You can serve it warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Or two. 😉


Day trips from Dahab

73. Spend a night in Ras Abu Galum, a protected natural area and Bedouin village. You can either walk (1.5hrs), take a camel or go by boat as it is not accessible by car from Dahab.

The local families will take care of you and serve fresh fish (or veggies) for dinner after spending the day snorkeling and… well, that’s it. It’s the perfect place to wind down.77 Things to Do in Dahab Egypt

74. A short drive from Ras Abu Galum is the Blue Lagoon, where you can watch kite surfers perform their spectacular jumps.89 Things To Do In Dahab, Egypt 4

75. Walk or take a camel through El Wishwash Valley & Oasis, where you will see water running between the impressive rock formations.

76. Visit Sharm El-Sheikh for a day to see the beautiful mosques and do some shopping or even go scuba diving in Sharm.77 Things to Do in Dahab Egypt

77. Go to Gabr El Bint by boat or foot (17km), it’s an amazing day hike or trip.

78. The national park of Ras Mohammed close to Sharm El-Sheikh is one of the most beautiful diving and snorkeling spots in the world with more than 1,000 different species of fish. It is my favorite in Sinai!

79. Visit St. Catherine’s monastery, the oldest working monastery in the world. You can book a tour anywhere in town.

I have an extensive guide about St. Catherine that includes tips on visiting the monastery, opening hours, how to avoid the crowds etc.

89 Things To Do In Dahab, Egypt 5

80. If you’re up for a great hike, climb Mount Sinai. Watch the sunrise or sunset on top of the mountain where Moses supposedly received the Ten Commandments.

Read my guide about climbing Mount Sinai before, though, as there are lots of things you need to know before you go.

89 Things To Do In Dahab, Egypt 6

81. Spoil yourself at Castle Zaman in Nuweiba. This place is more expensive than all other places in Sinai, but well worth the money. You get access to the castle overlooking the sea for a full day.

Sweat in the sauna and then enjoy a good drink by the pool while you wait for your amazing fresh served dinner.77 Things to Do in Dahab Egypt

82. Walk around Nabq National Park to the mangrove forest and snorkel as long as you want.

83. See the magnificent Colored Canyon, a canyon that is 1 km long with rocks varying from sandstone to limestone and granite in all the colors of the rainbow.

Canyon Sinai

84. Go on a trip to the White Canyon & Salama Canyon, see the famous Mushroom rock and have lunch at Ain Khudra Oasis & spring.

89 Things To Do In Dahab, Egypt 7 89 Things To Do In Dahab, Egypt 8


85. Can’t get enough of the incredible rock formations? You’re in for a treat! Another magical place for nature lovers is Rainbow Canyon. Not far is the Bir El Birea Oasis, where you can have lunch and relax.

86. Go on a tour to Serabit El-Khadem in the south-west of Sinai. You can visit the Hasthor Temple and Gebl el Fuga, the forest of pillars. The ancient Egyptians used to mine turquoise here.

87. Go on a mountainbike adventure to Abu Galum or Nabq. It can get challenging, so you should be fit, but for sure you’ll have an awesome time and a great workout!

If you’re up for a challenge, you can even go to St. Catherine. You can rent bikes from Dahab Cycling Club. There’s a Russian group called Velovuyki that organizes cycling tours in Sinai as well.

Things To Do in Dahab

88. Go on a 4×4 jeep excursion to see the “Eye of the desert” and the big sand dunes on the way to St. Catherine. Bring a board – this is where you can go sandboarding (read more about my Sinai sandboarding trip here).

89. Go on a jeep safari to White Canyon and Salama Canyon.

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If you’re traveling to Egypt, be sure you make the most of your trip by reading my other articles. I’ve been based here since 2016 and learned a lot that will help you 🙂


  1. Dive the underwater meusim in light hose dive site done by i-DiVE TRiBE for coral reef protection contain of phronic protection God houras at 12 m depth, happens God bess at 18 m depth, knowledge and wisdum God petah at 20 m depth, and the natural size eliphant at 23 m depth.
    Can provide pictures and more informations appon requisite.

  2. Hi Christina,
    I really enjoyed this blog. I lived in Dahab for 12 years, some time ago. I think you have presented it beautifully. It is such an amazingly special place. I can tell you love it too. Lets hope this will inspire people to start visiting again.
    best wishes, Katy x

  3. Too much more
    Arada Canyon, Zaranik Canyon ……………..
    Bedouin dinner in the mountains, horse riding, full moon , see the stars by the telescope, Camel Racing seasonal, desert Camping Safari

    Getting to Dahab resort on the red sea in Egypt

    Getting to Dahab from Sharm El Sheikh. All you need is just book your flight to Sharm El Sheikh directly which is the ideal way to get to Dahab afterwards get a taxi to Dahab and it will takes only one hour to Dahab which is situated north of Sharm El Sheikh 100 kilometers then you are right on Dahab without much travelling if you was going to come from other ports to Dahab.

    Getting to Dahab from Cairo .there are plenty of domestic flights operate between Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh by Egypt air and it takes one hour to Sharm El Sheikh or you can take the bus from Cairo to Sharm El Sheikh which takes 9 hours .After getting to Sharm El Sheikh only it takes one hour to Dahab by Taxi or Bus but the taxi is more convenient than the bus. Dahab situated north of Sharm El Sheikh 100 kilometers.

    Getting to Dahab resort on the red sea in Egypt from Israel through Taba border crossing
    You should get your visa on Taba border crossing ( aquba gulf stamp ) which valid only if you going to stay at one of the red sea resort Dahab ,Newuiba ,Sharm El sheikh for 14 days only otherwise you must obtain a visa if your trip goes beyond those places.
    To get to Dahab you should take a taxi from Taba borders crossing which will takes you a couple of hours to get to Dahab Resorts on the magnificent Red Sea.

    ” Greetings to all of you, I wish you a happy holidays “

  4. Hey christina..loved what you wrote! Dahab is my favorite place in Egypt and i wish to leave cairo and leave there one day, i want to add to the above chimney canyon, a spectacular canyon located 20 kilos outside Dahab, got lots of grooves and not all of people know it

  5. Will add this to the list as soon as I have enough to name it 88 Things To Do in Dahab 🙂 Great tip, thanks a lot!

  6. Thank you so much for that Katy, means a lot to me! I’m in love, yes 🙂 You should come back soon too!

  7. Thanks so much, will add these soon! I really want to see the camel race! Thought about putting it on the list but it’s just once a year, right?

  8. Awesome, insider tips like that are great, thanks so much! Going to add it to the list soon! Yalla, forget Cairo and move to Dahab 😉

  9. hello christina.i am gabriella a bavarian living in cathrin since 6 years.i found this site on daniels page.congratulation-you did a great job!
    would like to meet you one day in dahab.maybe friday at the market???hope to see you soon gabrielia

  10. Hi Gabriella,

    thank you for reaching out and the compliment, much appreciated 🙂

    I’m currently not in Dahab, but when I get back for sure!

    Have a great day!

  11. Hello ,
    Does anyone have an idea about the best diving office I can deal with there?
    and for the budget on a not so luxurious stay yet an adventurous one. Would 300 dollars be enough for one week?
    I’ll be there on Monday

  12. Hi Mariam, if you want I can give you the number of my diving instructor and he’ll help you when you get there. He knows all the centers, so he can advise you. Just send me an email please – [email protected] . As for the budget, $300 will be fine (unless you plan to dive every day of course 😉

  13. Hello, Christina! I’m a brazilian going to dahab and I loved your tips! O sentido you an e-mail, to ask you something very specific. O would really like If you could help me. Thanks a Lot, Carol.


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