Egyptian Men & Sexual Harassment
This is my letter to the Egyptian men, written with compassion and love. A female expat's view on and experience with sexual harassment in Egypt. If you don’t know me yet, let me quickly introduce myself: I’m a 29-year old German woman who first came to Egypt almost 3 years ago....
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What To Do In Cardiff In One Day

Whether you're road tripping the UK or taking a weekend trip from London, Wales is a beautiful destination worth the visit. There's plenty of insane scenery in this small...
Best Snorkeling in Mexico - Top 7 Places

Best Snorkeling in Mexico – Top 7 Places

Snorkeling is one of the most popular and enjoyable activities in Mexico's beach destinations. Whether you're on a family vacation or partying with friends - you shouldn't miss the spectacular underwater world. So, where do you...
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12 Best Gaudi Buildings in Barcelona

There are countless famous buildings in Barcelona that are an architectural marvel, especially the Gaudi buildings. This is one of the main reasons why the city attracts swarms of tourists from all around the...
Hiking in Bavaria

Hiking in Bavaria – Stunning Beauty Awaits You!

Hiking in Bavaria is everything you could wish for. Whether it be the lower mountains, the alpine uplands or the Bavarian Alps, each region has its own special charm.
Free Things To Do in Branson MO

41 Free Things To Do In Branson MO

Table of ContentsDiscover the best free things to do in Branson MO to have a fantastic time on a budget:1. Branson Skate Park2. Table Rock State Park3. Avenue of Freedom4....
56 Free Things To Do In Amsterdam

56 Free Things To Do In Amsterdam

This unique little city is probably my favorite in Europe because it's just soooo cute and there's plenty of free things to do in Amsterdam. It's full of tasteful art exhibitions, street galleries, shops,...
Panorama of Cairo cityscape taken during the sunset from the famous Cairo tower, Cairo, Egypt

Top 5 Places To Visit In Cairo, Egypt

When you're traveling around Egypt, this city is probably the first stop on your trip and it's hard to figure out the best places to visit in Cairo.

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