Hiking in Bavaria is everything you could wish for. Whether it be the lower mountains, the alpine uplands or the Bavarian Alps, each region has its own special charm.

Just imagine your tour here: The deep valleys and the lofty summits… inhaling the scent of alpine herbs… listening to the clanking of cowbells.

More than 40,000 kilometers of hiking trails in Bavaria are waiting for you to explore them.

You’ll experience nature in all its diversity while exploring some of Germany’s loveliest natural treasures on your own two feet.

Tip: If you’re traveling to Bavaria, you probably arrive in the Bavarian capital – Munich. Here’s a list of 60+ amazing activities in Munich to start off your adventure in Germany.

Hiking in Bavaria
Magnificent Eibsee in Bavaria

From adventure-filled alpine tours on the Zugspitze to idyllic lakeside paths on the Chiemsee to the Bavarian Forest National Park – in Bavaria, there’s a tour for every hiker.

With spectacular vistas as far as the eye can see, memories of Bavaria will endure for a long time.

Hiking in Bavaria offers something for everyone

Germany’s most popular vacationland has a lot to offer. The region leaves nothing to be desired, especially for hikers. And no one is left out; you’ll find hiking with children in Bavaria just as possible as summit-storming adventures.

There are hiking tours for every age and experience-level; everyone gets his money’s worth, from unhurried alpine strolls to multi-day hiking tours or an arduous ascent up the tallest alpine peak.

Hiking Castles in Bavaria
Castle Neuschwanstein in Bavaria

You can spend the night in a small, family-run inn or in a spa hotel, whichever you prefer. Little kids find a vacation on a farm particularly exciting.

Many hosts are also delighted to welcome four-legged visitors, so you can even go hiking with a dog in Bavaria.

Man’s best friend (on a leash, of course) is a welcome guest in most national parks.

Yes, Bavaria will extend a truly hearty welcome to your entire family. And 40,000 kilometers of marked trails? That’s as long as a trip around the equator.

What more could you ask for?

Discover Bavaria’s beautiful nature

Bavaria is especially famous for its beautiful alpine regions and is home to Germany’s highest mountain.

But even if you’re not yet ready to scale the nearly 3,000-meter-high Zugspitze, you will still be able to savor the most impressive landscapes everywhere you look.

Hiking Zugspitze in Bavaria
Peak of Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain

Casual hikers will feel right at home in the Bavarian Forest, or in the Rhön and Fichtel Mountains. Old palaces and castles in the middle of secluded forests, like Neuschwanstein Castle, radiate a romantic aura.

Peaceful pathways surround the many lakes in the alpine foothills, perfect for strolling… and every now and then, you can jump into the crystal-clear water to cool off.

Hiking around Tegernsee in Bavaria
The Tegernsee in Bavaria

Excursions to the Tegernsee, Chiemsee or Starnberger See are especially popular with kids. You can experience idyllic tours along the gorgeous Danube, Main and Isar rivers, too, admiring the prettiest of panoramas.

Your hikes in Bavaria will take you through scenes that abound in variety. Indeed, the hardest part is choosing a region. But you can always return… the good-natured locals will be happy to have you.

Hikes in Bavaria are beautiful all year

Hiking in Bavaria – it brings to mind majestic alpine panoramas and mountain lakes that sparkle in the sunshine.

Romantic hikes in the snow and dense forests. In the summer, beer gardens, shaded from the sun… in the winter, hearty home cooking.

Hiking in Bavaria
Bavarian Home with a view – and delicious food for hungry hikers!

Alpine challenges and low paths through mountain meadows. Bavaria’s hiking trails will quickly cast their spell on you, carrying you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, making you stop and marvel at the most mesmerizing views.

What are you waiting for?

Get your hiking boots on and come to Bavaria!

More information on Bavaria: https://www.bavaria.by/

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