There are so many things that come to mind when you think about Switzerland. Images of snowy mountains, delicious chocolate and fondue are what we usually think of.  Indeed, all these factors are among many of the wonderful things that make Switzerland so great. If you’ve never been to this country, I suggest you book your ticket and just go! Switzerland is a stunning little country in Europe filled with so much picturesque scenery. There are many, many places to discover in this country and so many reasons you should go.

I’ve broken it down to the five top reasons. Here’s why you should make Switzerland your next getaway:


The Swiss Alps and Snowy Mountains


As mentioned, Switzerland is famous for its Alps and snowy mountains. Who hasn’t seen the famous Matterhorn immortalized in iconic chocolate brand Toblerone and in a gazillion other travel photos? And who hasn’t heard of Zermatt as one of the go to destinations for skiing? The Swiss Alps are a must-see on your trip!

One of the best ways is to get a vacation rental in Switzerland instead of a hotel. A stay in the mountain range will no doubt be memorable.  There are so many unique houses for your stay which have beautiful sweeping views of the snowy peaks. It’s going to be a real treat to be able to goto your home away from home and relax after a day of skiing or sightseeing. Go to Zermatt if you want to see the Matterhorn up close. Gstaad, Verbier and Saas Fee are popular skiing destinations as well.


Stunning Natural Scenery


Asides from the Alps and all the shiny snowflakes, Switzerland is also known for its beautiful lakes, forests and nature scenery. You’ll want to spend a few nights each in Lucerne or Interlaken. Lucerne is a small and rather touristy town but it is set against a beautiful backdrop of the Alps and a beautiful lake. Its medieval town is well preserved and one popular attraction is Mt. Pilatus. You can ride a cable car up here for excellent views of the city and be amongst snowy peaks without having to ski. It really is a wonderful experience.

Interlaken is a traditional resort town nestled in between mountains, lakes and forests.  This place is where you get the chance to see some of the best views of the Swiss Alps. It also has many outdoor activities for you to engage in, and beautiful lakes to view and cruise around on. To get that true Alpine feeling, you can visit one of the villages located just above Interlaken. They boast beautiful scenery and a really true Swiss feel. You can reach these villages from the Interlaken train station. Check out Gimmelwald and Murren villages – these two will most definitely make your Swiss vacation complete.  

There is also a scenic train that you can ride all over Switzerland. The train features all glass windows so imagine riding around with all that gorgeous scenery around.


Swiss Chocolates


Swiss chocolates are among the best in the world. Famous brands like Lindt, Toblerone and Nestlé hail from here. These chocolates are all really tasty, but it’s even better when you visit and sample one of the local chocolatiers. Now is not the time to diet! You must sample all these delectable sweets whilst in the country. There are several chocolatiers around Switzerland that you can check out. Du Rhone Chocolatier, Favarger and Auer Chocolatier are worth a look at (or taste) in Geneva. Laderach is another chocolatier that has shops all over Switzerland, as well as Bachmann and Kurmann in Luzern. There are so many great ones all over the place. You can even go on a chocolate tour! There truly is no shortage of the dark gold in Switzerland!


Swiss Cheese – Fondue & Raclette

5 Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Next Vacation in Switzerland 5

And of course, how can I not mention cheese if we talk about Switzerland? One of the most famous dishes is fondue. It’s a huge pot of melted cheese (usually Emmental and Gruyère) with dry white wine. You then dip in some cut up pieces of rustic bread. Raclette is another noteworthy kind of cheese – and dish. Pieces of Raclette cheese are poured over potatoes or meat and placed in mini grills. You can literally watch it melt and smell the delicious flavor. Sounds mouthwatering, doesn’t it?

While you’re at it, stock up on some Gruyère, Appenzeller and Emmental to bring back home (if your country’s laws aren’t strict on bringing in dairy products – you must research ahead on this, otherwise all that good cheese will go to waste). If you are a cheese lover, then Switzerland is THE country for you. Check out the cheese sections in their supermarkets and you will go crazy – there are countless different flavors!


Cultural Diversity

5 Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Next Vacation in Switzerland 6

Switzerland has three major languages: French, German and Italian. It’s a country that’s characterized by its cultural diversity which makes you feel like you’re in three different countries at once!

Visit Ticino, an Italian speaking side of the country near Italy. Here you get a feel of Italy because its architecture, culture and even food are somewhat similar. Stay somewhere near lake Lugano and admire medieval architecture in the capital Bellinzona.

Visit the Romandy area if you want to get a feel of the French side of Switzerland – the majority of the French speaking Swiss live here along Geneva, Jura and Vaud. See Lake Geneva and visit a wine yard set among many charming little villages. Check out beautiful and picturesque Montreux and experience their annual jazz festival (I’ve been there, it’s an amazing vibe!).

Go to Bern, Fribourg and Valais for the German speaking part. Bern is the country’s capital and there is a lot to experience, with medieval and Neo-Renaissance architecture to be seen. Valais is where the Matterhorn is so this is sure to be one of your stops too!


There are still so many other places and spots and more mountains to discover, more chocolate to eat, more cheese kinds to savor in Switzerland. I could go on and on about all the other beautiful places to visit but you will have to go and see and experience it for yourself! 🙂


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