Hiking in Zurich sounds a bit unusual, at first. After all, Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city.

But the diverse and spectacular landscapes you’ll see here will come as a pleasant surprise.

Whether it’s a trip around placid, peaceful Lake Zurich, a tour to the majestic Rhine Falls or an expedition into Switzerland’s impressive mountains, the approximately 3,000 kilometers of hiking trails around Zurich are never boring.

You’ll travel through traditional mountain villages, over vast meadows covered with fragrant alpine flowers and up the prettiest peaks of the Western Alps, affording you breathtaking views of this gorgeous corner of the world.

Switzerland is one of the most spectacular countries in the world – these photos and fun facts prove it!

Uetliberg, Zurich's very own mountain
Uetliberg is a free and easy to reach destination for stunning outdoor experiences near Zurich

The Joys of Hiking in Zurich

Hiking in Zurich
Lake Zurich

It’s probably no secret that Switzerland is a paradise for nature lovers, and the walking tours around Zurich are no exception.

While there’s plenty of things to do in Zurich city, in next to no time you’ll also be surrounded by nature’s most phenomenal sights.

And by the way, in Switzerland, you are never more than 16 kilometers from a lake.

In addition to Lake Zurich, the famous “city lake”, there are countless other small mountain lakes in the area, all inviting you for a refreshing swim after a long day on your feet — a genuine delight, especially when hiking with children around Zurich.

Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen near Zurich - great for hikes and strolls
Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen (Europe’s biggest waterfalls) near Zurich – great for hikes and strolls

For a top-drawer experience, visit the Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen. It’s Europe’s largest waterfall, and it’s right on Zurich’s doorstep.

If you prefer high-altitude hikes, you will love the fascinating panoramic vistas from the surrounding summits.

One thing is for certain: the gorgeous, long-distance views over alpine peaks, blooming mountain meadows, and innumerable little tarns guarantee lasting memories.

Incidentally, you can easily reach most hiking trails in Zurich using public transportation.


Pure Relaxation in Switzerland

Hiking trails in Zurich

In the clear, pure air of Switzerland, winding down comes easy. Clocks tick a little slower here, and you can really enjoy your days outdoors.

Whether you prefer leisurely strolls around the loveliest of lakes or more demanding hikes to the summits of the surrounding Western Alps, you’re sure to find the right hiking route in Zurich.

Many are also barrier-free, so there’s nothing to stop you from sallying forth with a stroller or wheelchair.

Zurich is a terrific destination for the whole family. There’s so much variety here that nobody gets bored.

With so many charming mountain railways, educational museums, factories producing delicious chocolate, exciting lake- and river-beaches and thrilling wonders of nature, every day has a new experience in store.

So pack up the kids and head off to Zurich for a hike!

11 Fun & Interesting Facts About Switzerland


After hiking around Zurich: Enjoyment, Swiss-Style!

Cheese Fondue after Hiking in Zurich

The Swiss are a jovial lot who appreciate life and pleasure. So when you’re hiking in Zurich, you can rest assured that a superb meal awaits you after a long day outdoors.

Whether in the high-class restaurants around Lake Zurich or in one of the quaint, hosted alpine huts, Swiss cuisine is characterized by the highest quality ingredients.

Locally produced cheese-specialties like raclette, fondue, and röschti are particularly delicious, and quickly replenish your energy reserves.

Swiss wine, incidentally, is among the world’s most exquisite, although only two percent of it leaves the country.

So if you’re an oenophile, that alone will make your hiking vacation in Zurich a very special experience. And your kids are sure to enjoy a visit to a Swiss chocolate factory, with ample opportunity to sample the goods.

Bon appétit, and welcome to culinary heaven!

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