Snorkeling is one of the most popular and enjoyable activities in Mexico’s beach destinations. Whether you’re on a family vacation or partying with friends – you shouldn’t miss the spectacular underwater world.

So, where do you find the best snorkeling in Mexico? The Caribbean side of Mexico offers a variety of places where you’ll find excellent snorkeling spots, and you don’t even have to go scuba diving to see the rich marine life here.

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7 Places for the Best Snorkeling in Mexico:


Cozumel is one of the best places to go snorkeling in Mexico. It’s an island in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Mexico and a popular tourist destination known for its amazing scuba diving.

Anyone visiting the Riviera Maya will hear about the fabulous snorkeling in Cozumel. Be prepared to see some amazing butterfly fish, fire coral, seahorses and even a few shrimp. You can book a Full-Day Cozumel Reef Adventure with Snorkeling here.

Akumal Bay

Best Snorkeling in Mexico - Top 7 Places

Ever wanted to swim with sea turtles? The seaside resorts of Akumal in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo are a famous destination for divers and surfers alike. As a snorkeler, you will be happy to hear you can see a lot of green turtles that come here to feed on the ample seagrass beds.

It’s best to get to Akumal as early as possible for snorkeling as a lot of people come to have this incredible experience of swimming with sea turtles. Akumal has a gorgeous beach where you can snorkel in a warm and calm water. You can book a Snorkel Xtreme Trip including zip lining here.


Best Snorkeling in Mexico - Top 7 Places

The first (or only) stop for many tourists in Mexico will be Cancun, visited by millions every year. It’s the perfect destination to enjoy the underwater life with your whole family while staying in western-like resorts and hotels without having anything to organize.

Most of the waters in the Cancun area have great visibility and regularly land at the top of many lists of the best snorkeling spots.

While you can snorkel off of Cancun’s city beaches, it’s much more enjoyable to take an organized snorkel excursion to enjoy the best snorkeling in Mexico. An expert will take you to the reefs with the best views by boat and help you navigate through it.


Best Snorkeling in Mexico - Top 7 Places

Mahahual or Majahual is a small, quiet fishing village located on the Mexican Caribbean coast and offers some of the best snorkeling in Mexico. This reef extends over more than 1,000 kilometers off the coast of Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico. The distance from the coast to the reef is about 400 meters.

If you want to snorkel, you can go there by kayak. The water is shallow near the coast, so it won’t be difficult or dangerous. You can see some seagrass here and there, which are breeding grounds for many tropical fish species. Seagrass is part of the ecosystem that also includes mangroves and reef accessories.

La Paz

Discover the beauty and wonder of La Paz and experience the best beach vacation ever with whale sharks! The giant whale shark, the world’s largest fish, likes to feed in the Sea of Cortez in an area just 15 minutes by boat from La Paz’s Malecón.

You might also see real whales off La Paz; humpbacks, grey whales, and even rare blue whales love feeding in the Sea of Cortez’s rich waters. La Paz is the capital of the Mexican state Baja California Sur. It is located in the south of the Lower California peninsula on the Gulf of California.

Cabo Pulmo Marine Park

Best Snorkeling in Mexico - Top 7 Places

Discover unique and unforgettable experiences in the land of breathtaking beauty. Cabo Pulmo is famous for scuba diving and snorkeling activities. Swim and snorkel among large schools of tropical fish. The best way to snorkel in Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park is to join a tour.

Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort is the only tour operator located within the park, and it offers two snorkeling tours daily that will let you experience some of the best snorkeling in Mexico.


Best Snorkeling in Mexico - Top 7 Places

The bays of Huatulco hold some fantastic snorkeling spots. In Huatulco, you can discover a wide variety of snorkeling and skin diving sites. Many of the sites you can only safely get to by boat, there are several though that you can reach by land and enjoy simply going in off the beach.

Enjoy some of the best snorkeling in Mexico with starfish, puffer fish, sea urchins, turtles, moray eels, seahorses and mucho más! If you want to book a snorkeling trip ahead of time, you can do that here.


When is the best time to go snorkeling in Mexico?

Best Snorkeling in Mexico - Top 7 Places

The best season for snorkeling in Mexico is between November and March. You should be aware though that mid-December to mid-January is high season, so the prices are highest during this holiday time.

It’s cheaper to visit between May and November, note that September and October are the two rainiest months though and cyclones are common. From June to August it gets very hot.

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Best Snorkeling in Mexico - Top 7 Places Best Snorkeling in Mexico - Top 7 Places Best Snorkeling in Mexico - Top 7 Places

Recommended products for the best snorkeling experience

Having your own snorkeling equipment isn't only more hygienic and cheaper than renting, it also makes sure you're having the best underwater experience possible. That way, foggy masks and fiddling around with too big or too small masks can't ruin your holiday adventure.

These are some of the best and most helpful snorkeling products available online that will save you money in the long run and help you make the best out of your snorkeling experience.

ZEEPORTE Mask Fin Snorkel Set with Adult Snorkeling Gear, Panoramic View Diving Mask, Trek Fin, Dry Top Snorkel +Travel Bags, Snorkel for Lap Swimming

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This snorkeling set for adults is backed up by a lifetime hassle-free guarantee. 

It comes with fully adjustable head straps and a high-grade silicone face skirt which molds to fit virtually any face shape. 

Advanced lens shape design and tempered glass with anti-fog treatment mean you'll have a crystal clear underwater experience, especially for beginners.

The advanced anti-splash system prevents water from entering the snorkel and the purge valve allows for easy clearing and draining water out of the snorkel.

Check Product Details

WSTOO Full Face Snorkel Mask-Advanced Safety Breathing System Allows You to Breathe More Fresh Air While Snorkeling,180 Panoramic Anti-Fog Anti-Leak Foldable Snorkel Mask for Adult and Kids

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The 180 panoramic view of the WSTOO's full face snorkel mask gives you a clearer view of the ocean world. Additional removable motion camera brackets allow you to easily capture your adventures and share them with your friends and family.

It has three completely separate air channels so when you snorkel, you won't feel dizzy or even suffocated by inhaling a mixture of air and CO2, hence maximizing safety.

The double exhaust passage will double the ventilation speed to prevent the exhaled gas from entering the observation sun visor and causing fogging.

If you have problems with the mask, it will be replaced free of charge within 18 months

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Sun Bum Original Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 30 Lotion - Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB - Water Resistant & Non-Greasy Protection, SPF 30 - 8 oz. Bottle

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It is absolutely essential to have reef-safe sunscreen because regular sunscreens have a very harmful effect on corals. With SunBum, you won't contribute to the death of our coral reefs, and it is totally worth investing some extra money.

This sunscreen is hypoallergenic & made with reef friendly, vegan ingredients that are designed to protect against UVA rays, prevent premature aging, and moisturize skin.

It is water-resistant for 80 minutes, so a quick round snorkeling won't compromise your protection.

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Just Add Water Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray

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A foggy mask can easily ruin your snorkeling experience, we've all had this problem before. In addition to getting a high-quality mask like the ones recommended here, you should apply an antifog spray before your mask touches the water.

This one contains all-natural ingredients and works on glass and plastic masks.

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2019 Snorkel Set for Women and Men, Anti-Fog Tempered Glass Snorkel Mask for Snorkeling, Swimming and Scuba Diving, Anti Leak Dry Top Snorkel Gear Panoramic Silicone Goggle No Leak

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This snorkel set is great for outfitting the whole family. With a variety of different colors, you are sure to find something for the whole family. The Snorkel mask comes with fully adjustable head straps and a high-grade silicone face skirt which molds to fit virtually any face shape, fit for women and men.

It features a single lens design giving you an unobstructed clear view of the beautiful underwater world. A large purge valve makes cleaning this snorkel easy.

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CAPAS Snorkel Fins, Swim Fins Travel Size Short Adjustable for Snorkeling Diving Adult Men Womens Kids Open Heel Swimming Flippers

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CAPAS DiveitOne Series short fins is an excellent choice for avid travelers as the short blade is lightweight and compact, making it ideal for packing with ease.

The open-heel design means each fin can accommodate a wider range of sizes, so family members or friends can share equipment more easily.

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Mares Equator 2mm Dive Boots

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These dive boots are also very helpful when you go snorkeling. They will protect you from possible wounds through stepping on corals or sea urchins for example.

That doesn't mean you should be walking on coral reeftop as it is very harmful for the corals, it's more of a "just in case" help. Thanks to their light weight, they're easy to take on trips.

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