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Hiking in Bavaria

Hiking in Bavaria – Stunning Beauty Awaits You!

Hiking in Bavaria is everything you could wish for. Whether it be the lower mountains, the alpine uplands or the Bavarian Alps,...
Hiking in Tuscany

Hiking in Tuscany – What To Expect

Hiking in Tuscany presents you with a glorious dilemma: which stunning area will you explore first? Within its...
Guide to St. Catherine - Monastery, Hikes, Accommodation, Food etc.

Ultimate Guide to St. Catherine, Sinai [Monastery, Hikes, Accommodation, Food etc.]

Most people only come to St. Catherine to visit the monastery and/or climb Mount Moses (aka Mount Sinai). If you have time...
Hiking in Iceland

The Complete Guide to Hiking in Iceland

Hiking in Iceland is an experience unlike any other. The island's unspoiled, rugged landscape is so diverse that you'll never run out...
Climbing Mount Sinai Peak

Climbing Mount Sinai – 8 Things You Need To Know Before

Climbing Mount Sinai Peak (2285-metre / 7,497 ft.) is one of those experiences that are on many people's bucket list - for a...
Hiking in Zurich

An Inspirational Guide To Hiking in Zurich

Hiking in Zurich sounds a bit unusual, at first. After all, Zurich is Switzerland's largest city. But the diverse...
Hiking in UK - Isle of Skye

Complete Guide: Best Hiking in UK [England, Scotland & Wales]

When you go hiking in UK, you'll be diving into a world abundant with diverse, breathtaking scenery. Pristine nature...

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