A Solution To Dealing With Loneliness As A Digital Nomad
Travelers are lazy, not able to commit and thrill-seekers. They spend their days flirting on the beach, having cocktails for lunch and partying excessively every night. Many people think this way, whether it’s bosses, professors or your Mom. “You should finish university and get a solid job as soon as possible!”, you hear her voice. And although I love your...
One Day In Istanbul - Best Photography Spots

One Day in Istanbul – Best Photography Spots

You want to explore and capture the highlights of Turkey’s biggest city but have only one day? Read my guide to the best photography spots in Istanbul and you're all set. Can't travel right now? This...
Street Art Milano - Photos, Stories & Locations

Street Art Milano – Photos, Stories & Locations

Are you looking to explore a different side of Milan, away from Piazza del Duomo, malls and churches? Why not discover Milano street art and get to know the local culture from the creative...
Living in Cairo - Which Neighborhood Is Right For You? Rated by schools, activities, nightlife and job opportunities

Living in Cairo 2018 – Which Neighborhood Is Best For Expats?

Are you thinking about living in Cairo, but not sure what's the right neighborhood for you? Together with an American expat living in Cairo, I created this guide to the best locations for you (and your...

101 Free Things To Do In London

London is definitely one of the most exciting capitals in Europe, if not worldwide. It may seem like it’s not the ideal destination if you’re traveling on a budget as it’s one of the...

Top 5 Places You Must See in Cairo

When you're traveling around Egypt, Cairo is probably the first stop on your trip. The city is huge, loud and chaotic and can definitely be overwhelming for some people. If that's the case for...
Free Things to do in Berlin

41 Free Things To Do In Berlin – Travel Berlin On A Budget

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is probably Europe's most trending city right now. Especially famous for the great nightlife and hipster vibe, it's a must-go destination for anyone visiting Germany. And you know what's...
Bulgarian Food: 18 Traditional Bulgarian Dishes

Bulgarian Food: 18 Traditional & Tasty Dishes

Traditional Bulgarian Food is mostly famous for its variety of cheese, yogurt and quality vegetables. Bulgarian Cuisine is similar to that of the surrounding Balkan countries as well as Turkey and Greece, yet they...

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